Hi, I'm Keith Monaghan. I live in Portland, Oregon, with my family and two dogs. I'm a Researcher who helps design teams develop their ideas into projects clients love. I've worked on numerous ad campaigns for Nike and Upworthy, and I'm currently working with the environmental design team for the new Western Union headquarters. 



"The Designer's Guide To Pinterest: How to Find Images, Organize by Project, Locate an Image’s Original Source, and More" Available September 2018. Sign up for my newsletter for free chapters and to get notified when it launches.

The Campfire Project - A podcast exploring the intersection of technology and storytelling. I was co-host for episodes 115-119, and a guest on episode 104: The Future is Going to Be Weird and Fascinating. (Paused)

Eat The Web - A beautiful daily email of the web's most delicious recipes. (Retired)

I've also written 40+ articles about marketing over on LinkedIn.

What I Use, How I Use It

My current setup is the result of an experiment begun in September of 2017: Could I work mostly on an iPad and master daily productivity on iOS? The answer so far has been a resounding “yes!”.


iPad - A basic 32GB, 9.7-inch model in Space Gray. Simple as it comes. 
Magic Keyboard - The same bluetooth keyboard that comes with an iMac. I use it with my iPad. 
Canopy Keyboard Case & iPad Stand - A fantastic solution if you want to easily switch between using your iPad with a Magic Keyboard and without. 
iPhone 8 Plus - 64GB in Space Gray, with many of the same apps I use on iPad so I can deal with business when I’m out and about. 
AirPods - Surprisingly great for phone calls. I’ve used them in a busy coffee shop and callers heard me loud and clear. 
iMac - A 27-inch, 2013 version. Used only when I need more screen space, which is less than ever these days.  


Ulysses - I switched to Ulysses for all of my writing and it’s been great. It’s a clean, intuitive writing app that's powerful when I need it to be. Having everything in one place has been life-changing. 
Scanbot Pro - By far the best document and book scanning app out there for what I do. The pro version is worth every penny. 
Instapaper - An indispensable research tool, Instapaper saves and reformats online articles into a peaceful, ad-free reading experience. Premium features are free to all users now that Pinterest owns it. 
Open in Instapaper Text - A Chrome browser extension that strips ads and formats web pages into the easy-to-read Instapaper style. Saves pages to your Instapaper account, too. 
IFTTT - A service that connects apps and websites. One of my favorite IFTTT "recipes" lets me highlight articles in Instapaper and automatically send those highlights to Ulysses to include in my writing. A researcher’s dream come true.
WeTransfer - A fast and easy way to send files to anyone without registering for anything. My clients love it. 

Note Taking

Maruman Spiral Note Basic Notebook - I like notebooks. I love this one. The super smooth yet durable paper is a joy to write on, and ink never bleeds through the pages. 
Uni-ball Jetstream Pen - Recommended by The Wirecutter. It’s not fancy, but it is a smooth writing and dependable workhorse with fast-drying ink that doesn’t smear. 

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You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn, but it may be a while before I respond. I'm trying to spend less time on social media. This form is the best way to get in touch.