Fast Intelligence for Creative Teams

Informed team. Awesome project. Happy clients.

Give your creative team quick context and broad intelligence on a project before they start creating with my well-researched intelligence briefs. Each brief includes vetted sources you can trust and plenty of linked footnotes for further reading.

Understanding Before You Create

These briefs are more than information, they bring clarity to fuzzy ideas to help your creative team develop better projects. Bonus: your newly informed team will also have better meetings, better phone calls and better presentations.

Save Time and Money

Spend less time searching for answers. Get your team up to speed with their first cup of coffee with a casual, smart and informative brief that is easy to skim and understand. And get fast and reliable answers to the questions that pop up once your project starts.

Read or Listen

All of my intelligence briefs are designed to be easy to understand, even if the topic is complicated, and come in an easy to scan format. No time to read? Share the optional audio version of your brief with your team or listen to it on your commute. I’m happy to present your brief in-person and on conference calls, too.

Your Best Kept Secret

Quote your intelligence brief when talking to clients (I won’t tell). In fact, the creative teams I work with say that impressing their clients with what they learn is one of their favorite things about them.

Five Options to Empower Your Creative Team

  • Quote Brief - What is this person thinking? A summary of how a public figure likely feels about a given topic based on public (and occasionally private) interviews.

  • Quick Brief - Quick context and general information for your creative team on a topic or idea. Think of the Quick Brief as a first swing at a topic.

  • Smart Brief - Like the Quick Brief, but bigger. The Smart Brief explains what it all means in a nutshell and includes insightful original quotes to wow clients. See an example.

  • Deep Dive - The big kahuna. A deep dive into a single topic. Requires a bit of lead time. Get in touch to find out the next available opening for a Deep Dive.

  • Ongoing Research - Quote Briefs, Quick Briefs and Smart Briefs as your creative team needs for the duration of their project. Quick, reliable research into all the “What about…?” questions that come up during a project.

How Can I Help Your Creative Team?

My research has helped creative teams with advertising, experiential and environmental projects for these fine companies. How can I help your team?

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