Modern Marketing

Strategy • Experience • Messaging


Modern Marketing

Strategy • Experience • Messaging


A successful business understands people, meets them where they are and helps them with their problems. That’s marketing. 

You're In a competition for attention

We’re more distracted than ever. Smartphones, the Internet, Social Media, hundreds of cable TV channels, and the cacophony of modern life are all in constant competition for your customer's attention. Soon technology will be on our wrists, in our clothing and embedded in our homes. To say nothing of our cars. The potential for customers to miss your message is enormous. So is the opportunity to reach them. That's where I come in.

i can help

I do things differently. This is big picture stuff. We’re going to look at what you do and how you do it, how you communicate that to people and how your customers perceive it. Then we’ll fix the gap. (There’s always a gap.)

I’ll push you to do what you do better, then I'll show you how with a step-by-step plan.

These days, telling people you’re better won’t cut it. Everyone is connected. Everyone has opinions. Everyone is sharing. You must actually be better than the competition. Everything is marketing. 

Marketing, The Modern Way

Marketing is telling a story about how your product or service can make someone's life better.

It's telling a story that rings true and is consistent across everything you do, from your customer's discovery to purchase, ongoing support, and beyond. Your website, social media, mobile, in-store and in-person, and all customer touch points in between. 

Most of all the benefit, the story of how you help people with your product or service, should be immediately obvious to anyone using it.

who i work with

Smart companies like these who know that the world is rapidly changing and want to transform their marketing to meet it. 

Big Giant, Vendini, THX, Hipbone, USA Inc.

what i do

Marketing Strategy

Where you are today, where you'll fit tomorrow and how you'll get there. 

  • Assess where you fit in the market.
  • Analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT).
  • Identify critical marketing issues.
  • Develop a marketing strategy that fits your business objectives.
  • Create a Marketing Program outlining your message, pricing strategy and promotion plan. 
  • Show you how to read and understand the numbers and performance metrics.
  • Recommend easy and affordable technology solutions.

Customer Experience

Yes, customer touchpoints are marketing.

  • Map your customer's experience from discovery to education, purchase and post-purchase care. 
  • Recommend tweaks to make the journey easy and enjoyable for your customers. 
  • Show you how your mobile efforts fit into it all.
  • Create a Social Media Plan that's easy to manage and monitor. 
  • Develop incentive programs for creating lifetime customers.
  • Recommend easy and affordable technology solutions.


Words are ideas. Let's get your ideas to more people. 

  • Define the solution you really provide for people. (It's probably not what you think.)
  • Create a crystal-clear unified message for all of your marketing. 
  • Show you how to use that message to reach customers across the web, mobile, social media and offline.  
  • Build a Message Stylesheet to guide you in using that message in future marketing.
  • Teach you good copywriting skills that get results (it's easier than you think).

About me

In a nutshell, my philosophy is business by humans for humans. I believe in honest constructive opinion, understanding how the big picture affects small details (and vise versa), and crystal-clear communication.  

I ask a lot of questions in order to arrive at the best solution for you, never a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits all template, because those don't work. We're talking about the success of your business, after all. A business that supports you, co-workers and families. 

My career started in the Silicon Valley back when the Internet was new and shiny. I've learned a lot since then, but the most important is this: no matter what, your business is humans dealing with humans. Good marketing embraces that with modern strategies, outstanding customer experiences and effective messaging. 

I've also run a one man tech support department, produced and hosted podcasts and posed for an action figure in a national ad campaign (cape and tights not required, thank goodness.)

You can read my articles on the messy and fascinating intersection of humans, technology and business here and on LinkedIn. I also publish a newsletter full of ideas and tools to help you bring your ideas to life called Good Morning, You're Awesome!

Interested in talking about how I can help grow your business? Request the 'Getting Started' PDF below or connect on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Keith is a very accomplished marketing professional who always brings creative and strategic ideas to the table. He makes me look like a star and I always know I can count on his expertise to get effective campaigns launched effortlessly.
— Christine Flavio, SWAT Marketing Communications
Keith’s practical knowledge... saved Hipbone both time and money while generating outbound campaigns that produced above-average open and click-through rates.
— Anne McVey, Hipbone

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