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I’ve stopped using Twitter. I’m much happier.

I live in Portland, Oregon. Yes, it rains. No, I haven’t seen Sasquatch…yet.

What I’m currently doing:

  • Consulting - I help businesses with their Brand Strategy. My clients include Nike, Upworthy, Lucasfilm, The CW Network and more.

  • Writing - I’ve moved the best of my business writing to this website. But you can read all of my business writing on LinkedIn—the good, the bad, and the ugly—if you like.

  • Speaking - I’d like to do more in 2019. Get in touch if you have a podcast or event you think is a good match.

  • Product Development - The world of physical products fascinates me. I’m exploring ideas with the hope of bringing one of them to market.

  • 10-Day Email Marketing Course - My free course for anyone who wants to create and send their first marketing email. (Coming soon.)

  • Reading - I always have several books on a wide range of topics going. Feel free to recommend one, if you like. Current reads: 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari, The Secret Lives of Color by Kassia St Clair.

  • Playing guitar - My goal this year is to learn a handful of crowd-pleasing songs well enough to play in front of actual humans, not just my dogs.

  • Painting - I’ve painted a little. I want to paint more. The lessons on Stewart Davies’ YouTube channel are particularly inspiring.

What I’m currently not doing:

  • Marketing - I’m focused on brand strategy and market research these days. But I’m happy to share my marketing experience. Branding… marketing… it’s all kind of messy and related, you know?

  • Podcasting - I’ve produced and hosted several of my own, but these days I’d rather be a guest. Here’s an episode from my stint as temporary co-host of The Campfire Project to give you an idea of my style. Have a podcast? Schedule willing, I’m happy to be a guest. Get in touch.