HI there

My name is Keith Monaghan.

I’m a researcher. I help creative teams understand the big picture of their project before they start. Once the project starts, I help them understand the details.

Informed team. Awesome project. Happy clients. 

My research has helped creative teams with projects for Nike, The CW Network, Upworthy, THX, Umpqua Bank, Western Union and more.

I also write One Useful Thing, a weekly newsletter of the helpful and well-designed things I come across in my work. Why not join?

what I’m up to right Now

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I live in Portland, Oregon. Yes, it rains. No, I haven’t seen Sasquatch…yet.

What I’m currently doing:

What I’m currently not doing:

  • Marketing Consulting - Did it for years. Now I’m helping creative teams with their projects. But I do have a free Learn Email Marketing guide, if you’re interested.

  • LinkedIn - It was useful. Now when I log on it’s mostly spammy business nonsense. It’s just not worth my time any more.

  • Podcast Production - I’ve produced and hosted several of my own, but these days I’d rather be a guest. Here’s an episode from my stint as temporary co-host of The Campfire Project to give you an idea of my style. Have a podcast? Schedule willing, I’m happy to be a guest. Get in touch.

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