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The free ebook of my Learn Email Marketing course for businesses, makers and hustlers like you who want to create and send awesome email to customers. This course is easy and short. Like talking to a friend who knows email marketing. (That's me, Keith, your instructor.)

about Keith

I’ve created and managed e-mail marketing campaigns to millions of subscribers for companies like NBC Television, THX and numerous technology companies. These days I’m a researcher. But to my surprise, help with email marketing is still the number one request I get from my clients. That’s why I wrote this guide.


How To Use The 10-Day Course

This ebook is divided into 10 lessons. They’re all short and to the point. (Hey, you’re busy. I get it.) Read one lesson each day or all of them at once when you have the time. You can even skip around. Whatever works best for you.

Here’s what’s in the Learn Email Marketing ebook:

Day 1: I’ll show you how to collect ideas for your email that your customers will love.

Day 2: We’ll decide which of your ideas to choose.

Day 3: Learn the ins and outs of using an email marketing service.

Day 4: You'll learn to write a message your customers will actually read.

Day 5: How to make your email really shine with a Hero Image.

Day 6: I show you the only template you'll ever need.

Day 7: We’ll review and prepare to launch your email.

Day 8: Launch day! Celebrate with a treat. (I favor a pre-launch chocolate chip cookie.)

Day 9: Learn about the three things you need to track and why.

Day 10: I’ll share ideas about how to continue your email marketing.

Let’s Get To Work!

The important thing is to take action on what you learn and start your email marketing sooner rather than later. It can make a big difference in the success of your business.

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Totally free. No sign up. No monkey business. Just awesome lessons to help you get your email marketing up and running the easy way. Want to say thanks? Buy me a coffee or share the course with a friend.

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