Brand Loyalty Is Alive & Well (Even If It Doesn’t Look That Way)

Why people think Brand Loyalty is dead

People today don’t value brand loyalty. We’re focused on the new, always hunting for better, and have short attention spans. So says Forbes.

The argument goes something like this.

We’re more independent

We’re loyal only to ourselves because companies are no longer loyal to us. No one is immune to corporate layoffs. Why would we be loyal to brands?

We think new is always better

We upgrade our phones yearly. Flock to new social media. Watch only the most popular TV shows. Buy the only trendiest clothes. Care only about the newest thing.

And the big reason.

Technology has spoiled us

People no longer stick with “tried and true” products. Not hunting around for alternatives means we could miss out on something better. And we can hunt endlessly on our phones (which we upgrade yearly.)

Brand Loyalty is dead for some

Here’s the thing. Brand loyalty is dead. It’s dead for companies that only go through the motions of authenticity, buying experience and customer service.

Brand loyalty is dead for brands that jump on the latest social media trend even if it has nothing to do with their brand.

It’s dead for brands that make it difficult to buy their products in the name of cutting overhead.

Brand loyalty is long dead and gone for brands that consistently price gouge, have poor customer service, and crappy products.

(Internet and cable TV providers, I’m looking at you.)

Why would we be loyal to any of them?

Brand loyalty is alive & well if you give a damn

I don’t want to beat up on the article’s writer, she brings up many valid and fascinating points supporting the brand-loyalty-is-dead argument.

But as you’ve probably guessed, I see it differently.

I believe brand loyalty is alive and well for adept brands. Those brands that are able to meet us where we live, online or offline.

We’re loyal to brands that actually show us what they stand for on social media.

And make a troublesome purchase easy.

And treat us like real human beings while quickly fixing our problems.

Why we love them

The brands we’re loyal to, and there are many, establish value outside of selling stuff. These companies stand for something.

They’re loyal to us in some fashion. Low prices, high quality, convenience and good old fashioned honesty.

And they’re where we are: online and in the physical world. Literally and figuratively.

So, yes, brand loyalty is dead for brands that can’t be bothered to earn it. But loyalty is alive and well for brands that give a damn.

Brand loyalty is dead. Long live brand loyalty.


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